Tom Corbett Tells Student He’s Wrong on Fracking & Lies about “Toughest Environmental Protection” in the Country

Besides using the papal visit as a campaign fundraising ploy, Governor Tom Corbett took time out of his papal visit to speak to college students.  One student questioned Tom Corbett’s support for fracking, and the governor responded by telling the college student that his education on the issue is wrong and that Pennsylvania has some of the toughest environmental laws in the country.  Yes, this actually happened.   

The exchange between the two began at the 10:25 mark (link posted below) and went like this:

Student: Thank you governor.  My education in this topic, fracking, is that it contaminates the water supply and it is bad for human health.  You continue to support it.  Can you explain why that is?

Corbett: Well, I am going to disagree with you on what you said your education is.  Testing so far has not proven that to be the case at all.  Throughout other areas of the country they have been doing it for 30-35 years.  It can be done safely.  It has to be done safely, and we have in the legislation that was passed in the Pennsylvania General Assembly the toughest legislation on environmental protection in the country to do that.  And we will continue to do that.  

There is a balancing process that goes on when you are doing this.  As to the benefits of jobs and lower cost of energy provided to tens of thousands of people across, not just Pennsylvania, but across the country.  There is a change in the geopoitic of the world as a result of this also, and I believe we can do it, and do it safely.  And there are many other people who believe in that with me also. 

Yeah, it’s not like Act 13, the possible legislation that Corbett was referring to, had major zoning  provisions ruled unconstitutional by the State Supreme Court, and has another court battle brewing over doctor gag orders as well.

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