Sorry for Gas Well Explosion; Have One Free Pizza and Two Liter Bottle of Soda on Chevron Appalachia

Update (1:06 2/18): Not a hoax.  Just got an email from Chevron rep Leanne Wainwright  that stated:

As part of our comprehensive response to the Lanco well fire that occurred last Tuesday, we have communicated with area residents to answer any questions or concerns. Our operational response has included construction activity, resulting in increased traffic and congestion in the area. As part of our meetings with a small group of immediate neighbors impacted by this activity, we have offered a token of appreciation for their patience during this time.  We also wanted to support Bobtown Pizza, a local business that has been providing meals to our first responders and workers at the well site. Chevron’s priorities remain responding to this incident safely.  We appreciate the strong support we have received from nearby residents and our first responders.

 UPDATE (5:20) – Will Bunch confirms that Chevron bought 100 of these certificates.

On Tuesday February 11, a Chevron owned gas well exploded in Dunkard, PA as a byproduct of America’s natural gas bonanza and the accident resulted with one employee injured and one unaccounted for.  The ensuing fire at the gas well raged on for another six days, and to whitewash their image, Chevron Appalachia is giving out lots of free pizza’s and 2 liter bottle of sodas to those living around the explosion site.

The letter, which was sent out February 16, 2014 reads:

Dear Neighbor,

We are sorry to have missed you.  We wanted to provide you with a status update on the February 11 incident that occurred on Chevron’s Appalachia’s Lanoce 7 H well pads in Dunkard Township and see if you had any questions or concerns that we could address.

Chevron recognizes the effect this has had on the community.  We value being a responsible member of this community and will continue to strive to achieve incident-free operations.  We are committed to taking action to safeguard our neighbors, our employees, our contractors and the environment…

Then the Chevron Appalachia Community Outreach inserted gift certificate to Bobtown Pizza for “one large pizza and one 2 ltr drink.”  Sorry for the our gas explosion that killed a couple of people and raged on for another week, have some free pizza!!!!!

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