“Most Progressive” PA Gov Candidate John Hanger on Marijuana, Fracking & Campaign Finance *Interview*

In this video from Counterpoint PA, the only grassroots progressive newscast exclusively about Pennsylvania politics, I present an interview I did with Democratic gubernatorial candidate John Hanger, who portrays himself as “the most progressive candidate in this race on all issues.” We discuss his marijuana reform proposal which starts with medical marijuana and phases-in full legalization, his stance on fracking as a former head of the PA Department of Environmental Protection which I pushed him to convince progressives isn’t impacted by his ties to the fracking industry, and his campaign finance challenge to the other Democrats running in the gubernatorial primary.

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* this was recorded in 2013, hence references to the election being “next year” (I’m not sure why I said the interview was “live” in the beginning, obviously this video is prerecorded)
* I stated that polls show PA vastly in favor of both medical marijuana and legalization, which is right for medical, but wrong for legalization
* some provisions of Act 13 (PA’s fracking law) Hanger references have since been struck down by the PA Supreme Court, more on that coming soon from Counterpoint PA
* sorry that my feet-shuffling led to me standing in a visually awkward position for some of the video, I was filming alone so no one was there to tell me!

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1 Comment on “Most Progressive” PA Gov Candidate John Hanger on Marijuana, Fracking & Campaign Finance *Interview*

  1. For another opportunity to see John “At least I’m not Corbett!” Hanger, please see: http://ragingchickenpress.org/2013/09/09/john-hanger-right-off-the-rack/

    Mr. Hanger may be able to convince some progressives that he’s the “environmental” choice–but no one with any sense who has seen what the gas industry has done to Pennsylvania is going to believe this for a minute.

    Also posted at The Wrench: http://thewrenchphilosleft.blogspot.com/2013/10/john-hangerright-off-rack-wendy-lynne.html

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