I don’t agree 100% with either side of the aisle nor do I ever agree 100% with any Politician at any one time. I judge on the idea regardless of who has it. Marjorie has two idea’s I agree with. 1.] If someone wishes to not collect SSI I fail to see the problem. 2.] The ability to be gainfully employed if someone wishes it. I myself have been disabled for close to ten years as of this writing. I’ll soon be 58. I would much prefer to be gainfully employed in some field I can handle as opposed to living off of a poverty level paycheck each month. I have a brain that functions rather well and two good hands. Since my paycheck is at poverty level advanced education is out of reach. Not to mention an advanced education is only a guarantee of just another bill to pay with no return is pretty much the norm now. What is available now for the aged and disabled for gainful employment and reachable is little more than a feel good job at most. One cannot be self sufficient with feel a feel good job. I seriously doubt I am the only person receiving benefits that wishes to be gainfully contributing to society but is stuck in the trap of once you’re on you’re stuck even though the system is rigged to try and stop your benefits if possible.