Activism in Action: Marijuana Smokers Arrested in Act of Civil Disobedience; Syrian-Pennsylvanians & “Granny Peace Brigade” Oppose Bombing

In this edition of Activism in Action, Counterpoint PA’s lightning-round update on the latest progressive protests around the state, I highlight activists for marijuana reform and against war. A marijuana legalization protest in Philadelphia last month culminated in some protesters being arrested for smoking marijuana in an act of civil disobedience, and thanks to the ever-industrious Randy LoBasso I’m able to show you a clip of the arrests. These are your tax dollars at work! Next, two groups that came out a few weeks ago to protest what then looked like America’s imminent bombing of Syria stood out among the rest: a group of Syrian-Pennsylvanians and the Granny Peace Brigade. And no, I did not make the latter up. For a plethora of pictures of the anti-war activists, a video clip of the marijuana smokers’ civil disobedience, and further details on all-of-the-above, watch:

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