I an not at all surprised about Obama or the position of the Big Greens. Rubbing up against those in power is not unlike poison ivy–it’s catching! It is even more disturbing that the two faced Robert Kennedy Jr. who had privately denounced Shale gas and fracking as detrimental enough to be dumped as a transition to other renewable options. Not that one person can make all the difference but his speaking out would hold both personal and political weight. What further harms any plan to avoid fracking is that if it would involve any major sacrifices on the part of people in this country it’s not even seriously discussed. The political possibility of reducing any energy dependent source for longer term safe gains goes nowhere. We do not even want to encourage people who live in areas that are experiencing repeated destructive weather to rather than rebuilding in the same places re-locate. The other disgrace is that we do not have any long term national plan for jobs to replace the former emphiasis on industrial operations and manufacturing. This should have been done years ago but our behavior is to wait until it”s too late before we act. One of these times it really will be too late! The authoritarian paternalistic priviledged sector can”t live with less. Obama
works within these parameters. Everyone looses . Bonnie