6.15.13: PA State Democratic Committee Passes Resolution to Support Fracking Moratorium

6.15.13: By a vote of 115-81, The Pennsylvania State Committee today passed a resolution to support a moratorium

a halt, a stop, a cessation, and the first real hope for an ultimate end

to the industrialized extraction of Pennsylvania.


Thanks to awesome organizers like Karen Feridun of Berks Gas Truth and all of the other anti-extreme extractions organizations–Clean water Action, Food and Water Watch, Lehigh Valley Gas Truth, Protecting Our Water, United Sludge Free Alliance, and Shale Justice who work tirelessly to educate the public about the dangers of fracking, to expose the lies manufactured by the corporations, and to lay bare the corruption of the Corbett administration, this day was a wholesale success.


We must celebrate EVERY win, every step forward, every day we get

one step closer to ending the destruction of our water, air, and communities.



And it was awesome to get to be a part of it, to speak to the resolution, to get to vote on it,

to go to sleep for one night believing that the



One term Tom–I hope you are listening.

Your days in the governor’s office are rapidly winding down to ignominy.

The opposition party–the party that will reclaim Pennsylvania in 2014 passed a resolution

to erect a moratorium against the genocidal profiteering of your partners in crime.

Take. Notice.


On June 3rd, at Lycoming College, we told you NO to the Loyalsock.


Today we told you NO to the rest of the state.

Passing a moratorium is the least the Democratic Party can do.

Now it’s on to a BAN, and a reclamation of the value of community, conservation, and LIFE.


What a fine fine day.

And the best part?

This is a win for us all.

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3 Comments on 6.15.13: PA State Democratic Committee Passes Resolution to Support Fracking Moratorium

  1. Yesterday in Lancaster, PA, the Pennsylvania Democratic State Committee voted 115 to 81 for a resolution calling for a moratorium on all frack drilling in Pennsylvania. This was a vote for the health and safety of Pennsylvanians and our environment against the out of state billionaires and corporations who own Corbett and the DEP.

    Resolution can be read here: http://www.monroepadems.com/images/files/Moratorium_Fracking_Resolution.pdf

    The supporting document can be read here: http://www.monroepadems.com/images/files/TenMythsaboutFrackinginPennsylvaniaFinal.pdf

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