Why do Bradley Manning’s defenders always mention his intentions without noting the fact that they were illegal, not to mention dangerous. I never hear about Manning’s own words that predicted he would end up in jail. Yes, civilians were killed, but the accusation that this was a war crime is an obvious situation of Monday morning quarterbacking a hostile combat zone. The gunner was glad because he just thought he killed a bad guy, it turned out he didn’t, it was press. Not the first time that has happened in war and won’t be the last.
What this has to do with the fact that some called for the Boston terrorist’s not being read his Miranda rights until the feds could figure out if this was an ongoing threat is absurd. The only thing these two have in common are both are American citizens. Manning is not a terrorist and would not kill innocent American civilians or anyone in my opinion. This Boston bomber would kill Manning in a heartbeat. Why? Because he is an American. This scumbag bomber is American in name only and if you plant a bomb intending to kill innocent civilians because they are not Muslim, you should have citizenship revoked following trial. But as for now, the guy planted a bomb next to an eight year old boy, are you really a lunatic if you think this bomber should be sent to Gitmo if nothing but to send a message to the would be terrorists who are slipping by in Holders FBI like this scumbag bomber brother did?