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2 Comments on If you thought income inequality was bad in the United States, wait until you see it on a global scale

  1. Why does it matter how much people make? Why does it matter how much less other people make? This is why I will never understand Occupy Wall Street; I was always taught to strive to be in the 1%. The far left seems to not appreciate what the 1% does for the world. That statement probably sounds crazy to most leftists, especially the young leftists who have not been out in the workforce. Its not a matter of how hard you work, all Americans work hard, but how marketable you make yourself.

    • Kevin, Please explain how hedge fund managers make our world a better place? They break up companies, ship our jobs overseas so that people who won’t get a decent wage or rudimentary healthcare can produce goods that were originally produced here by middle class Americans. They take hundreds of millions of dollars – usually in pensions and real company value, that was going to the people who worked there – pocket it themselves, get a discount tax rate for it and move their investments out of our nation. Exactly what value do these people bring to America?

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