Thanks for the great article.
Get this: the Vermont Secretary of State has done just about everything possible to keep Rocky Anderson off the Presidential ballot. Once Anderson volunteers had collected the required 1000 signatures, the SOS (a former Democratic State Senator) changed the rules and said each signature needed to be validated by the town clerk in each town where a signer lives. The campaign filed suit and won. Rocky Anderson supporters were given two additional weeks to get their signatures validated. The SOS filed an injunction to stop this. Once again the court decided in favor of Anderson. The SOS filed an appeal. Yesterday, the Supreme Court of VT rejected the appeal and required Anderson’s name appear on the November ballot. The SOS now plans to challenge that. The Republican party is challenging Gary Johnson’s ballot access rights in a number of states and in Pennsylvania the Democrats are working overtime to keep the Constitution Party off the ballot. The most agregious act to me was the Green Party challenging Rocky Anderson in Illinois and getting his name removed from the ballot.
Any candidate who meets the requirements (and requirements for all candidates should be the same) should GET ON THE BALLOT even if I don’t like them.
Keep up the excellemt work.