RCPress at Netroots Nation 2012

Well, after a longer than long drive, we made it to Providence, RI for Netroots Nation 2012. Sean Kitchen and I will be soaking up as much tactical knowledge as possible and will pass on updates to all you Raging Chickens out there. We will be live tweeting with hashtags #RCPress and #NN12. You can check out our latest tweets through the Twitter feed at the right or you can follow @RCPress or @RCPress_Sean. We will also be posting at least once a day with our reflections on what we learned, people we met, and things to think about.

While here, we’re going to do our best to track down some folks to interview, hang out with Brett and Rick from the Rick Smith Show, and meet up with other folks who have made appearances in Raging Chicken Press like Todd Farally and Eric Loomis. The best thing about the long ride out here was that Sean and I had the chance to sketch out some ideas for the next steps for Raging Chicken Press.

All in all, it’s already amazing to be here. The city is packed with #NN12 folks and we are getting ready to seek out the crowds. See you soon.


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