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As you know by now, Raging Chicken Press is in the thick of a fundraising drive. And, to be honest, we’re moving pretty slowly. I knew that I wouldn’t know how well this drive would go until we were in the thick of it. To be honest, I had hoped there would be a stronger response to our fundraising call in the first part of our drive, but that hasn’t panned out quite yet. Don’t get me wrong, some people have stepped up and said “Yes, supporting independent, progressive, activist media for Pennsylvania and beyond is worth $5, $10, $50, and even $100.” And a HUGE thanks goes out to that initial round of donors.

In the hopes of providing a little giving incentive, Raging Chicken Press is trying out something new. Most progressives are familiar with Elizabeth Warren and her strong pro-consumer, populist politics. And most know that she is running for Senate in Massachusetts. Well, a call to give to Elizabeth Warren’s campaign showed up in my Facebook feed a couple of days ago and I thought, “How can Raging Chicken Press help?”  That’s kind of how we roll. For example, last year we bought pizzas and veggie trays for protesters in Madison, WI; we donated to the David and Goliath Projects Media Fund to help cover the Occupy Movement up and down the East Coast; and, we gave money to the fundraising drive that gave birth to the Occupy Wall Street Journal. In short, we believe that progressives need to support each other–mutual aid.

Then it occurred to me. A way to encourage fellow progressives to give to our fundraising drive AND contribute to Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign as well. So here it is:

If we reach $500 in our fundraising drive by midnight, Sunday, March 26th, Raging Chicken Press will donate $25 to Elizabeth Warren’s campaign. If we reach $1,000, we will donate $75.

Pretty straight-forward, huh? Just think about it. You can help support progressive, activist media for PA and beyond AND one of the most progressive candidates running for office in 2012 at the same time!

So, what do you say? Can you help out?

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Bread and Roses,

Kevin Mahoney
Editor Zero, Raging Chicken Press



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